fernwood pizza company logo sign above the door

Fernwood Pizza Company (pizza place review)

First impression of the place was that the vibe is similar to Wicked Pies in Olympia; indie kids behind a fishbowl window.  It’s perky, in a low key way.  Does that make sense?

So, I got comped my slice because they felt like it was kind of dry (probably all the picture-snapping alerted them that I was already writing my review in my head).  It was delicious anyway, these pies run oily.

Not to sound like a wife guy, but my girlfriend got their like, hyper-cheese, and loved the cheese mix but felt like the crust should have been fluffier.  I tried it and felt like the thin crust was the only thing keeping it from feeling like a full heart-attack.  Mine was, y’know, more my taste–some artichoke thing.

The real star of the show was the beer menu.  I of course opted for the 10% beer before being informed it wasn’t in a full sleeve glass because it was a stronger beer.  I said fine anyway, curious about the taste.

Meet dageraad.  The first sip tastes like varnish and halloween, like a kind of chai tea and nailpolish moment; I think I’m not sophisticated enough for it.  I beg m’lady to try, she makes a stupendously cute face of not liking it, like a cat eating medicine.  I keep drinking it and it gets better every sip.  I find myself far from disappointed in the beer.

About the dips, I recommend the smoked paprika. Divine!



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