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  • Me-n-Ed’s (pizza place review)

    Me-n-Ed’s (pizza place review)

    I have been wanting to go to this place since spotting it in August.  It absolutely looks like my idea of a “hub of Langley” so the intrigue was high: That’s the side patio.  Kind of rinkydink innit, apart from the signage.  A little user-hostile, even.  Cement, bare-bones table/chair sitch, and more cement.  Oof! I…

  • Fernwood Pizza Company (pizza place review)

    Fernwood Pizza Company (pizza place review)

    First impression of the place was that the vibe is similar to Wicked Pies in Olympia; indie kids behind a fishbowl window.  It’s perky, in a low key way.  Does that make sense? So, I got comped my slice because they felt like it was kind of dry (probably all the picture-snapping alerted them that…