Thunderbird (korean fried chicken place #live review)

It’s 3:33pm, make a wish.  I’m at Thunderbird, just outside Beacon Hill Park in Victoria BC.  If you’d asked me to anticipate the atmosphere I wouldn’t have said karaoke-diner/partybus but like, that’s what’s up.  We just listened to Guetta, now it’s a Petras/Minaj jam.  The LEDs and disco ball are spinning. The string lights are strung.

I dont know if its because my girlfriend immediately went to the bathroom and they’re giving her time to read the menu when she gets back but it seems like it’s been an unusually long time to not put a food order in yet.  We’re getting a 4 pc for $11 and splitting it plus free water.  It’s just a sercharge snack because we both want to use the bathroom.  I stayed behind so there’d be someone at the table to order.  Apparently we need to both be present for procedural reasons, I dunno.

3:41pm  Abrupt vibe shift, they’re playing Take Me To Church.  When will I break down and head to the bathroom?  What’s it like there?

3:42 pm  She just came back from the bathroom and said there’s some shit popping off in pokemon go. The second she came back we get to order.  Ok I’m off to the bathroom.

3:55 pm

Well the chicken arrived almost instantly and I’ve eaten both my pieces. Its good: flakey but not crunchy, oily with a hint of allspice.  Really hitting the spot as a midafternoon snack.

Music right now is AOK by Tai Verdes, fitting.

I think that’s it. Verdict is, it’s good chicken. My gf says, “we have to come back sometime.” She’s picky, I like it when she’s happy with a place.

Time to go walk through the park and maybe stroll the beach off Dallas road.  It’s a bright cloudy day and I’m wearing a hat I pulled out of the dumpster behind a salvation army.  Later we’re going to a cheap show at the Phoenix Bar & Grill.  Review to follow.  Time for dabs ✌️







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