The Internet [monday Aug 21 – sunday Aug 27, 2023] (week in review)

RiP to a legend; the week that doge died.


Fascinating and insightful coverage, inner pop gender studies-nerd deeply satisfied ??


This young from Ottawa is a winner and a scholar.


If you’re in Ottawa, go to the party on the 31st. You know, for a regular normal everyman, Jreg has a very bipolar output rate.  IRONY IDENTIFIED…CLASSIFYING…


?❤️ love when they do pink and red.  Also a member of the “lifelong sensation of being filmed” club ✋️ here.


This is the only valid way to discuss this news item. New channel subscription. Misogynists couldn’t suffer the indignity of watching women beat men at sports so they created gendered divisions across many sports, and now transphobes have entered the same existential crisis of having to consider any given cis person not being as good at something as a trans person…to be lowered somehow by these losses below the people they detest.


Brass tax stuff, might pair well with noncompete’s recent documentary “How Fascism Serves Capitalism.”  As my father remarked recently, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is”–fascists should keep it in mind.  The colonial enterprise as a whole, comes to mind. Another idiom for fairytale might be “a white lie”, no?


Whang is a modern historian of great caliber.


Speaking of modern history…[related on-site review of Satan Wants You  ?]


Lbh, Salem lost the costume contest.


I will always be haunted by these old mayo- or jello-based recipes.  Love that this episode of MK was frontloaded with an Always Sunny reference.


Speaking of being haunted by mayo, we return to TheReportOfTheWeek.


Haven’t gotten around to ever doing a jagerbomb… can’t imagine it tastes good. Not really bucketlisting it, either.


The ghoul boys go to prison.


Wacky TV history.  This shit is too old and obscure for anyone to have heard of it ever. Snaps to the archaeology of it all.


Favorite genre of tech.


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