The Internet [monday Aug 14 – sunday Aug 20, 2023] (week in review)

What if the green kids were Voynich-worlders?  The story about the phenomenon that mandela’d them here is very interesting.


Always a treat, this channel. Get your fashion news.


Incredibly important object lesson in not letting ideology dictate where empiricism contradicts it.


This doc is massive, massive. Highly related to the video above…lately neocons are so scared of ideology that isn’t literal Christianity that they’ll steal words to talk about it.  Like every other ideology (eg communism) is only the sum of its failures but never their own.


I hope these GOP guys get covid and die. God willing!


Neocons: “don’t quoteunquote crack my kid’s egg, by being trans in public, they’re not ready for that kind of shock and injury to their naivete or potential disruption to their normative identity formation”

Also neocons: *this shit*

Sam Raimi:

It was the 90’s and it was great.


In this house we stan Maddy Morphosis.


So true. Meaningful analysis of kyriarchy is really missing from both the incel space and the incel-antagonist space.


I feel like real Christians would agree, it’s pretty bad optics for capitalism AND patriarchy when someone’s like “greed and fornication are a man’s-man’s sacred right and duty.”


They had to whitewash that bombastic side-eye.


The video has dropped. Let’s drown our troubles in a big bowl of strawberry europop.


Love to hear a brit say “real good,” he’s got my vote.


Welcome to the uncanny valley of the dolls.  This doc is so long but it’s scintillating.



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