The Internet [monday July 3 – sunday July 9, 2023] (week in review)

The lads are back, participating in global culture, contributing their unique pov ?


Tasting history vids are always a wholesome little ride, check out his series on the titanic’s dining options ??


The range, the depth. THIS is acting.


Ok if asked “do you think a rick and morty themed palette could be a bop” most people would probably have guessed “lol what no.”


If you’re not following this channel what are you doing with your life even?

Actually very important info ?


Hilarious.  Somehow it feels like the perfect time to watch a deepdive on this 30 year old snl spinoff flop.  Who knew Dave Foley was in this?


Stop telling trans people to get back in the kitchen challenge.


Always a pleasure when there’s a new Todd vid. Here’s hoping Tracy gets songwriter royalties.


Just found this channel, love this 2nd hand dive into an oldschool vegas gay club. Happy pride everyone ? “Why do we hate the 90s?” [G-slur use warning on the footage btw] “I’m a white man in America, I’m googling what I can and cannot say–that’s better than assuming”







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