Queen Mother Cafe in Toronto ON

So I woke up on the first of July and began drinking, as this is a known drinking holiday not unlike St. Paddy’s (the day in March when we celebrate the TV show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and the Irish culture on which their bar is based).

I demanded that my hosts take me someplace festive.  We all set out for the vegan brunch place I had visited so gleefully 12 years ago with my old all-vegan squad.

It was closed ⛈️ for the ~holiday ?‍?

So they rerouted us to their next nearest local haunt:

It’s…Queen Mother Cafe!

The menu looks like album art


Happy pride! The season never ends for some of us; we keep gay Mardi Gras in our hearts 365.

Admittedly I was drinking all the way here out of a classic red cup to be July 1st ~f*e*s*t*i*v*e~, but, I believe the front window people-watching along Queen West is ideal here, so I have a large gallery below to express that sentiment fully:

I began a multihour quest to track down exactly what kind of trees these are.  I was met with some saddening news.  Another one bites the dust. *holding my hat respectfully emoji*

(This is awesome though, I remember a later 2011/early 2012 FNB meeting in Kensington Park where people suggested someone get this exact service underway.)

Okay it’s food time:

I got the dim sum.  I think I was soup dumpling drunk from the other day’s sumptuousness.  This was $13.  Big “eh” on the price after $4/6 at Juicy Dumpling ?

These were good but I should gave gone veggie in retrospect.

The lox plate looks pretty good too, gorgeous spread.

I think the pad thai is the real winner:


Welp, it’s a cute spot.  Probably best for drinking pot after pot of tea and watching the scenery.


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