The Best Grill in Langley BC [#live greasy spoon review]

I scouted this place on gmaps shortly after relocating to Langley; greasy spoon diners are a minor passion of mine.  Love the food, the aesthetics, the general lack of pretension.  Love to compare them.

So I had to come here:

It looks like a car dealership office or something.  Vacuum repair place, even.

Let me show you around inside, though, briefly, before we start eating:

Instantly iconic table condiment presentation.

Okay, beautiful.  You get the gist, the vibe.  Onto the food:

The wonton soup tastes like lobster bisque! It’s the soup of the day, I got it with my turkey-cran sando (below).

The coffee here is better than at Brogan’s.  In some ways the atmosphere is better; it’s giving Ideal Cafe in Campbellton, whereas Brogan’s is a kind of Floyd’s vibe but less methodically executed.  People seem happier to be here, staff and patron alike.

The sandos are priced like its pre-covid which is cool except that it’s such a mundane sandwich.  I can get a much better bird-n-berry for $10 from the Fairway grocery store in Sidney.  But, the people making it here are visible and very kind and cheerful.  That counts for a big chunk of change in the equation imo.

My gf got a classic benny and a side of thick-cut bacon; highly decadent.  Ask for the bacon extra-crispy if you like it well done.

Honestly love the staff and atmosphere here.  But there’s nothing on the menu that really dazzles me.  I don’t feel like it’s convenient or unique enough to become a regular stop.  But I would rank it well as a greasy spoon option if you’re in Langley or detouring off the highway to eat.

I think next time I’ll try the one kind of interestingly unusual dish I noticed.  (Cliffhanger!)


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