The Internet [monday Aug 7 – sunday Aug 13, 2023] (week in review)

This week was something else.  Actually some MAJOR stuff to go through!

For anyone waiting for a real world example to cite wrt banning non-renewably fuelled vehicles within city limits:  These guys did it.  It can be done.  The only obstacles now to everyone normal agreeing about this, are the normies’ suicidal inertia and the fashies’ oil industry bootlickery (aka fear of change).


More gotcha-fodder, this time it’s those pesky neocon revisionists we’re immunizing against.


Got that?


Um, hello? There’s a NAME FOR IT! There’s a PHRASE THAT FITS! Panpsychism is what is UP. Ps every electron is the same electron in superposition with itself and that’s the goddess’s neurons, take that to the bank, bitch.  This video is very skeptical (but I’m sure far too indulgent for the tastes of Will Gillis, a humorless leftist physicist I once had the pleasure of annoying for a few months passively on facebook.  He didn’t want to talk about whether there’s shared consciousness or god in the mix. He didnt care about onboarding the Christians all around the neocons via scientific unitarianism. Which annoyed me, because he would have been quite good at it). Anyway panpsychism is my favourite newly learned term after edenism; they are both fundamentally important going forward as earthlings.


Oh what, ANOTHER bangin’ new term!  FUCK YEAH BUD!

Ever heard of buen vivir?


This is so gentle…in this house we engage with nuance.


Surprisingly peppy and funny.  Says all the necessary things.


Totally manages to be as interesting as implied.



Okay in all honesty the rest of these are pure brain candy ? ??


The use of the word “cuisine” here really tickles.  This was a banner week for reports of the week, check it out:

This one is also very funny.


The thumbnail is such a ridiculous juxtaposition to the actual video where this bearded twink merrily cheerleads the dollar menu the whole time without pause, virtually vibrating with praise for Taco Bell food.  Great video for when you want your “chatty friend” asmr binge to be exceptionally parasocial. Or, you also love Taco Bell (?) and you enjoy vicarious eating.

I feel like these are the absolute best examples of this subgenre on youtube, and that there’s great cultural value here. Like, archivally.  I wish we had these for fast food from the 30s or whatever, not just weird dudes in 2023 eating food canned before ww2.  I want to watch video after video of the same person eating different but similar foods.  Like, what?? Is that weird?  It’s not just the strange Warholian nostalgia or even remote uncanniness…it’s sort of the opposite of those things, transcending them at the same time as they’re inescapable.  Whatever. It’s just so timelessly universal, to eat, while being anachronistic-at-airdate in a way due to the nature of capitalist culture and it’s productized foods. Yet like, “the more things change,” you know?


This one just fucks me up. I actually think this channel is a little lackluster in a buzzfeedy way, but like, this meme is haunting.


Ultimately my last line of defense against such or such legality wrt some of my writing is, it was freestyled original lyrics because that is simply part of the pastiche blog-art that happens here.



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