The Internet [monday July 31 – sunday Aug 6, 2023] (week in review)

New favourite youtube channel is thelipsticklesbians (below); much like Doc Hammer, “I’m a MAC fan.”



Things that should be more popular list just had this added.


Love it when goths do non-goth-specific skill shows, vegan black metal chef style.


Erin Parsons out here doing the Ladylord’s work ?


Depressions meals as food hacks ?


Reasons to get depressed.


Ok nothing can prepare you for the first half except knowing already, and the first half couldn’t possibly prepare you for the second half because there’s a full second child voice actor death in this, surprise!  No, seriously, this just gets more and more unhinged and depressing until reaching a crescendo at “yep yep yep.”


Here, look at the pretty, ideologically flawed buildings.


More braincandy.  Usually I know exactly what these monthlies mean but this one is mystifying. Remains to be seen.


Speaking of August, its the Sunday of summer now, and you know what that means: its the dog says of summer drinking.  Could a review of canned cocktails be more timely?  Tis the season!


This is fun.


It was pretty prescient to first, see how increased transfem presence sometimes gives some cis women weird insecurities, and then, make an episode about how that’s backwards and the potential bonds of sisterhood are a better deal.  This show was so practical.


More summer whimsy and wonder from the cutest family vloggers on youtube.


…speaking of paradise…


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