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  • The fact about money

    It’s all monopoly money anyway, it’s ALL imbued with value by custom alone, legal tender and scrip exactly alike, lately for the sake of facilitating the sale of labor-time more than the exchange of materials. So let’s think about monopoly: the way the game is played according to the rules as they stand, is, one person…

  • Sweaty Bettys in the GTA (bar review)

    Oh my god the cocktails here are $16 now, buying a round for 3 people tip/tax in is over $60, unwholesome.  A can of pbr is $8.  Thats what it costs on swoop air to drink on the plane ffs. Honestly too ossington but still the coolest bar on the block.

  • Toronto Trans March 2023

    Frankly it was kind of a boon for me that it was overcast, I can’t get burnt right now (tattooing in progress).  So the westher was subjectiveyl great, and everyone was sooooo cute & hot.  People cheering from the sides? I got verklempt.

  • Xola in the GTA (taco place review)

    Grasshopper tacos! They were tasty, kind of mixed vinegary and acid notes to the marinade, amazing guac sauce. Love the owner’s energy, loopy cutie. I was chill with two such novel soft-tac’ for under $20, great post-tattoo snack.

  • Hajime in the GTA (sushi place review)

    Real big homestyle okonomiyaki for $14, total bargain.  Tempura udon is $18, sad.  Rolls looked very well made. Nice staff. Atmosphere dead.

  • Swoop air preemptive memorial review


  • Pheonix Bar and Grill (restaurant #live review)

    6:28pm – Ensconsed and eating at Phoenix for the first time.  I got ahead of myself somehow, bitten by that summer bug or whatever, and ordered a pitcher of tigershark even though my gf probably wont even drink a full sleeve.  They’ve just been playing Billy Joel, now it’s Dreadlock Holiday, I think you’re getting…