The Internet [monday Dec 11 – sunday Dec 17, 2023] (week in review)


Let’s all use this word until everyone knows it.

Say “…we need to actually reduce the rampant overproduction of the of the imperial core and multinationals” and I’ll say “reparations” and do the finger-hashtag, it’s all about the land back baby:

Nice ?


Years in the making; McD’s finally did it.  They’ve followed his every whim regarding the celeb meals.  It put him in a good mood all week, by appearances.

This is all a call to celebration…and hey, it’s a holiday.

It’s time to get veryveryveryvery festive! About it! ✨️??☃️✨️


This one was soooo kooky, the wreath + tree = antichrist conspiracy slays.




It’s a problem how the vegan ones don’t mix well with liquor…


I keep thinking about that McCartney song since watching this, so, content warning ⚠️ cursed video.


Coooooool! Singapore come thru!


Honestly the most elaborate and beautiful take on it I’ve ever seen (they’re in vintage cake books from the 50s-80s and I have a boner for photoshoots in that oeuvre).

Nowdown the rabbit hole of elaborate yule log cakes. (More food should look like whimsical woodland scenery.)

Oddly festive altho, disagreeing that a selfmarriage wedding cake is the same as a birthday cake. They’d be on different days, importantly.




Why was this soooo satisfying tho.  Vincent is too harsh on the gown ??


Alton never caught me up on this.


Ummm…dkm for chewing axe gum.


Shit’s complicated. Installing UBI would finally reaolve most of this. Robin Hood is mainly a story about unfair taxation, as I know it.


How did this whole essay happen without referencing Blackkklansman? Impressive!




When will the tegrity take effect guys

Is it because this was the world that raised you:


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