The Internet [monday Nov 27 – sunday Dec 3, 2023] (week in review)

This was the week we’ve been waiting for. The 20th century is truly almost over…

Oh wait, 20th century holdovers still have all the power…

So that was Vox this week.

With perfect timing, here’s some context, also from this week:

If people are going to be paranoid about it happening again, “here and now” I guess we better know the architecture of the paranoia eh?

Speaking of militancy-driven genocide…the current active one is typically supported by the people who fear “neomaoism”…in a paradoxical fit of hypocrisy that’s reconciled entirely by a neocon framework of unenlightened self-interest:

Caught me agreeing with Dr. Umar Johnson again…(much like the topic of public education; why should the kids be thankful to be forced to be there and act obedient if the educational environment is subpar (which, we all agree the public schools are underfunded and underenriching)? Maybe the entitled millennials in this equation are the teachers? They don’t seem to see that they’re a type of jailer. That the children are prisoners.)

…but, on the topic of “Only In My Back-yard” or oimby-ism, there’s always more coming from the other end of the power spectrum, isn’t there? (And what are they protecting themselves from if not dissolution by similarly assembled, smaller groups):

Will Alberta recognize the sovereignty of the First Nations within Albertan boarders in the way Alberta expects Canadian law to apply to it as an entity? No? Ohhhhhh ? Lowkey this is not super groovy. Petty political grandstanding, not economic reality, just culturewarrior inside baseball bs (“this is like watching Chomsky in his prime, I’m compelled” thank Dax for even supplying us with that footy).  Your provincial wealth is based on a colonial legal fiction; it’s stolen, what you’re so entitled to proprietary profit from.


Big wheel keep on turning… motion to replace all fastfood meats with the chains’ own hashbrown patties before the food chain collapses under the weight of unsustainable “endless growth” theory-based expansion.

Related to both of the above items:

Thank you. “The real story–of survival of the friendliest.

All we are saying…

…is give hyper-dnb a chance.


Give love a chance too.  (“Also known in this economy as finding new roommates” oof. Anyway I also prefer Opera.)

Thumbnail + topic flow brings us to:

This is feeling like Israel/Palestine, like a holy war no one else wants to care about.  Am I nb hammas or IDF?  I feel like the LGB alliance people want to be hammas so, I’ll be IDF it’s fine, gimme all the neoliberal allyship, I’ll take it.

Thumbnail flow alone says fluff has next:

Mmmm tech …? (posting this late, it was on trending this week tho)


I saw something recently that was smacking of neoliberalism when the real issue needing tissue is UBI… (also maybe we abolish this, mandate wealth caps, raise basic fines regarding the endangerment of life)


Ugh the past…it’s just…living in it…

Speaking of which:

Look it’s more paradigmatically reactionary (proxy) indulgence.  Oh, libtube. More gilded cream cheese pizzas plz!* More “dippin dots“! I love reveling in the simulacrum of false promise and feigned abundance!

*lost media bounty issued for “more pedialyte please” ad.




Okay let’s get serious…

Dang…can’t we all just world peace and ban fireworks with them instead?


2 hours, have fun!

Here’s an hour of movieworld coverage, we’re getting dangerously unserious again:

It’s movie things!  Can this series ever be forgiven for portraying ringtails as having a king instead of a queen?

Penguins, meet iceberg:

It’s maybe things!

While we’re on the topic of creepycrawliez:

It’s Elon!  Why is he dressed like he’s hanging out the window of a B-52?


Ok, ok, picking up what you’re putting down.

Then also:

Hmmm…allegorical… #standagainstthewaroncriticalracetheory


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