The Internet [monday Nov 20 – sunday Nov 26, 2023] (week in review)


Wow. This covers virtually everything relevant, it’s about so much more than “the ethics of dogmeat, presented in a vacuum” ie there’s a flurry of other closely-related food ethics issues.  This is one to watch.


This was epic.  Conservatives will do whatever mental parkour necessary to continue the dogged pursuit of their misguided visions of (unenlightened) self-interest.  But they might not stop-at-nothing, so we should make every attempt to inform and amend our predictive models.  This discussion was really off the chain.


? ? ? saying a lot here, too.


Perfect summary; succinct and entirely unproblematic in presentation ?

(It was a relevant holiday in the states this week iirc)



Wild that teachers so new to the game would say, the problem is that your kids suck (as opposed to having the perspective that, nothing is more relevant than the fact that the kids arent given a choice about being there, or what they study/ with whom/ when.  Your feelings will never mattwr more than the fact that they have to ask permission to use the bathroom. The whole system needs a redo and the staff are so imaginationless that they talk entirely from the POV that the system is fine and the issue is the parents, and the generation* theyre raising, who also often resent their lack of say because education is compulaory but they cant afford anything other than putting their kids into public schools; publicly funded education should be done in multiple alternative streams to increase public approval).

*I disagree with the generations defined here and feel like it’s a demographic disruption tactic by conservative sociological operators, which needs addressing and not capitulation; if the baby boom was the immediate postwar era plus, say, 15 years, it lasted from 45-60, which means gen X ranges from 1960 to whenever we say millenialism begins. I would posit that millennials were born from 85-2000; first generation to “all” be online by at least 10, first gen to ALL hit legal adulthood after the turn of the new millennium/during the first two decades of the 21st century. Gen Z is anyone born from 2001 to the start of covid; the first wave of smartphone/ipad babies, raised on phones/computers instead of the TV (for the first time since TV was ubiquitous, it wasnt the preferred babysitter; this distinctivizes the 20th century-originating millennials from their 21st century counterparts in Z and Alpha, and marks millennials as the bridge gen between younger Xers aka xennials, and their own digital native children in gen Z).  Gen alpha is the covid/post-covid baby boom, and the second wave of ipad babies.  Simple as.


Speaking of shit millennials grew up on:

I think maybe the cis gays who made this show were being kind of tongue-in-cheek and ethnographic about cishet white women in a way thats intentionally opaque, but it’s not a hill I plan to die on ?

Speaking of hills I wont die on…

I feel like this movie is more racist than it is homophobic, altho, by these differing degrees, it’s both.  The intended message is overwhelmingly gay positive, but some of the intended humor is (at best) racially insensitive.  I was actually surprised by how kindly it was toward gays, thank you Adam Sandler ??

On the topic of we the gays…and such…:

Oh my…this is related to a couple videos below, about green- and pink-washing respectively.




If you’re not enjoying your work and the world doesn’t stop whether you do it or not because you’ve already done enough, quit.


Let’s depart to another era…

now I know what chicken marengo even is, fab.


Oh god, imagine being expected to learn this shit.

Some people have “playing pokemon go” for a job…

Wholesome historicism.


Compellingly argued.

An equally hard-hitting issue of American culture:

“Benign coverup” lmao like with the aliens? Fuck off.


Took so long to watch, but good to know.


Wave of the future ?


Sound of the future


More sweet tunes, totally different sound.


Me when the slice is anemic.


Well that was depressing…


More freaky art shit.


Go off!


(Takes a while to get there. The over-relianace on  tenuous extended analogy can be frustrating viewing.)


Actually so funny ?


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