The Internet [monday Nov 13 – sunday Nov 19, 2023] (week in review)

This is a big one. If you don’t know…now you know, bud


Embarrassing to have a cohost so eloquently explain why the CIA(/Howard Hughes, they left that part out; look into his Nixon bribery scandal and the number of times he personally tried to get Castro killed, it’s all part and parcel) did it and then conclude that mayyyyybe the stuff we know for sure because of declassified documents confirming it, maaaybe that’s true. This video managed to paraphrase it all anyway. The war on commu ism is why he’s dead, Oswald was a CIA spy.


Elect this man potus.


Yay, this is a much fairer treatment than the alarmist troll posts about “one piece is for transphobes, dni one piece fans” type stuff; it seems fair to argue that Sanji ia the only character who is a transphobe and that whole episode is simple a POV thing (we only see the gals as extreme beautiful,or as a collection of transmisogynist trope; they’re equally “true to reality” insomuch as neither are, it’s just Sanji being a weirdo about women in two opposing directions.  Like specifically out of the crew, it’s Sanji who has a problem with trans women, which implies his interest in women in general has sus foundations (is shallow and contradictory). But like, I’m an Ivankov stan ?


Magical. So WAFF.




We’re back again girls, “braid it, put a bead on a it.”


A lot of this feels like it’s coming from unacknowledged friction with comphet socialization.  Like, people who are scared to be gay are miserable anyway, again, oh my.


Jeez, the colonies really don’t advertise well, just a wastescape of land-occupying sprawl.


Sound conclusions.


I guess some people aren’t on this page yet.


The secrets to happiness ?  there’s some unacknowledged skew here, like, some people are killed by their spouse, maybe thats why it adds fewer years on average to a wife’s life to have a husband vs the other way, or, also, people experience more stress while single because people are killed for being unconventional.


The embedded plea for cultural diversity is important.


Fantano the humble everyman.


Late posting, noteworthy.


Genuinely so funny to hear the word “pron” over and over in this accent. Also? “Pearl necklace.”


Love this Byronic trashman, relatable king.


Living in the past is so wild.


He’s just jealous of our freedoms, its boilerplate flag-burner jihadist drivel when Matt Walsh talks innit.


Things to dismantle


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