The Internet [monday Nov 6 – sunday Nov 12, 2023] (week in review)


Always an event.


Looking forward to it being fully adopted as a global event! (Feels like a warm/cold substitution for light/dark would help pivot from the codified shadeism, going forward.) Speaking of festivals, it’s a shame this didn’t go well because it looks spectacular ?  this one didn’t go well OR look good ?


Listen to Morpheus.


Love this guest’s channel, what a collab!


Really heavy discussion of child abuse-centric cult grooming.


This didn’t come off as being as anti-nazi as they may have thought it did writing it, but anyway…


The section on his false predictions was too good.  I was pretty stoked when he died. When will Dennis Prager die lol ? hurry up bitch!

On that note let’s switch tracks here and go to funville:

? hail fellow netizen, thank you for your service.


A thrilling saga.  They’re so beautiful ?

Speaking of dragon fruit…

I’m very excited about an expanded, more nuanced legacy for 2Pac.   Why make an image of a man a pillar of your culture only to chip away at the image by denying his true depth?  Fwiw I really applaud this discussion and I had fun watching it.


As noted, no one talks about this show.  This reviewer doesn’t have much to say about the casual racism and (implicit/arguable) transmisogyny, but like, someone finally said something about the show existing.  The comment section is full of nostalgic ethnographic notes about gen x TV habits.


Recently rewatched season one with my girlfriend…Tammy was SO done with it ?


I think the end discussion was noteworthy; a delicate handling is what I support.  I think the fans who learn about certain issues through criticism of this canon might be the best people to reach the creator.  I hold out hope on a JKR heel-face turn within this decade…

…because, like, the demons are trying to eat-their-own her already:

Another great collab, two scoops of fruit is double the cute.


Light rail ally confirmed ??????


Yø, that is not righT făm.  (Also.)


Could be used in a media literacy class on nationalism and classism.  By the way, I finally caught a reblog of a time someone substantiated the claim that anyone in Ukraine was in favor of ethnic cleansing the Russians in Ukraine.  Wild!  (Pretty sure you can find at least one freak in any demographic who’s prepared to make genocidal statements about any given other demographic.)


The flip-side of poverty tourism: from the message that “this is bad to see/it’s bad this exists” (above) to the message that “this is entertaining to see/it’s good this exists”, this video tackles this and more.


Wrapping it up with a trippy little ditty…


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