The Internet [monday Oct 31 – sunday Nov 5, 2023] (week in review)

No offense but this is the most important political science channel.  This was the week even Wolf Blitzer had enough cognitive dissonance so this video really hit.


Alan Moore is an understander of history too.  Happy condescending online man day.

Could someone please get rid of the Iranian head of state?  Even just the morality police?


Pivoting to fun stuff:

We can only hold these gains by ideologically dethroning capitalism in the toolkits of its beneficiaries, going forward.  Wealthcaps and inheritance bans would be good moves.


So you “can” leave, but is it really the brightest economic move to focus on short-term, bottom-line stuff?

Ugh let’s go back in time to Monday and enjoy the last Halloweeny treats:

Catholicism is so goth.


Happy November to the dead ?


Semi-related but less fun:








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