The Internet [monday Oct 23 – sunday Oct 30, 2023] (week in review)

Sometimes J.J. is so wrong, but not today.

#LandBack is so complicated sometimes, n’est-ce pas?

This is probably the most important and entertaining video this week, in light of the general geopolitical discussion.  Here’s a mildly related video from this week about House having a rigidly chromosomal definition of sex and insisting a man is raping his son and not his daughter like he assumed, because she happens to have XY chromosomes but was assigned female at birth for phenotypic reasons (like any “woman”, cis or trans, it’s a social category based on appearance with no singular, universally coherent biological definition; the character is an “adult human female” (as Matt Walsh’s token wife would say) with XY chromosomes,  like many women have).  ANYWAY.  Here’s some guys trying to rewild away from all this Christianity AND science, but they’re so entrenched in modernity that the results are a pretty amusing larp.

This was another MASSIVE premiere; feels like I’ve been waiting 10 years for approximately this video to exist (I wouldn’t be so proud of the milk thing, it’s pretty unethical to eat most dairy, for a lot of reasons).  What do they make of this strategy for resolving paternal uncertainty?  No one ever mentions.

In many ways the big story this week was about kinship no less than the above video; about the meaning of blood. About how racist everyone was excited to be about Buffy Saint-Marie, because everyone is still dogmatically obsessed with nazi shit like blood quantum and refuses to respect that by Cree cultural codes, she’s been Cree for 60 years at least.  She is the child of a Cree family.  How dare people say, she’s not Cree. They act like they DNA tested her themselves and every strand had liar written in its alleles, but they literally don’t even know her genetics, they’re all falling apart over one human records clerk saying she can see into the past perfectly and no one ever filed anything wrong any time ever, 80 years ago in Boston.  Fucking dogshit.  That clerk was just excited to be important on TV for a moment. And all the racists who believe only in the most fucked up form of kinship were drooling for it.

(Matthew Perry died this week, which was also a big bummer. RiP Mattman.)

Someone called Last Tango In Paris “erotic”? Was she on nitrous when she saw it? Like what even were the 70s.


Cogent and called-for.


Tangentially related.  Now we’re doing thematic videos for the rest of the list, because it’s samhain.


Our (pagan) culture is just better, you’re only admitting it…


…capitalism notwithstanding of course ?


Time for some spoopy stories.  Tis the season.



I don’t like to list stuff I haven’t watched all the way through myself but, this is 8 hours long.  I’m abstractly fascinated by the fnaf fandom based on occasional chance encounters on tumblr, though, so here we are, I’m trying to finish this beast.  ETA I know more now; this dude provides stupid uncool coverage of christory though, not a fan.


For some contrast, this is what horror was like when I was a kid.  A blob would kill you for fucking on a lake and that’d be it.  5 characters, 1 set.  We didn’t have interactive stories with “complex casts” and “sprawling atmospheric geography” to explore.

Time for a change of pace…some of this weeks videos about witchy practice:


The appleseed test is clever, some cool info here.



Similar vibe, love an informal lecture on a country stroll.


This was out out a little early imo but it’s a good wrap-up video for the last Halloweek of October; November is about to start!  Time to honour the dead, y’all.


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