The Internet [monday Oct 16 – sunday Oct 22, 2023] (week in review)

I did a tour of 66 Kensington when it came up on the market in 2015 just because; preserving these places is so essential, since all I have is my memory it’s good there’s an actual material coalition.


We need a moratorium (exempting indigenous-community-use) on oceanic harvest, period. It should have all been tanks years ago and we should be phasing out dietary preferences for species that hate that kind of capitivity/confinement and are hard to kill humanely, period, anyway. So a lot of these bony fish probably, people just don’t know it yet, how much roaming enrichment they really need and how sensitive to pain they are.  I’m seeing farms of like, the simplest monocropped genus of shrimp, squid, maybe turtle eggs if we get that together? Not keeping them captive lifelong necessarily but some kind of farmed nesting operation.

Pissed about the ethics personally because I am a known lover of tins of oily little fishes.  It’s just very like, ecocidal, man.  This video about palm oil from this week is related.

The idea of eating octopus ever again actually fucks me up.  This is barbaric. The idea of their arms cooked and chunked in a can is so unwholesome.

More wasteful products:

Doing the lord’s work.

Continuing the theme:

Mass manufacturing is doomed ? rise of the couturier.

More honest consumer-testing:

Still surprised this celeb meal gimmick worked well enough to copy from McDonald’s.  (Speaking of celeb meals, the ghouls boys are still doing tour food videos.)


Some people literally resent anyone more famous than they are, especially when they don’t relate to that person as an avatar.  Is fame worth it?  They sure don’t want it to be for YOU.  Real fans should be more emboldened to violently excuse these nazis from the scene.

Weirdly related:

I’d be more impressed with this dude’s analytical chops if he didn’t asskiss (transphobic, annoying) Todd Grande for a minute.


Japan finally noticed that it’s incoherent to complain about birthrates while also forcibly sterilizing handfuls of citizens for no rational reason ?

Speaking of historic trans news, Christine is back on youtube and better-produced than ever!

When the accuser is not the victim (AND is a self-admitted antisocial/sport-liar), the only reason to not consider the source is, you want to grab a torch and pitchfork and construct a pyre, because you’re that kind of murderer.  Anyone still saying she did it is calling the state investigators less competent than some regressive shut-ins with unprocessed attraction issues.

Speaking of which:

Depressing shit; don’t like what you see when you see some being? grow new eyes.


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