open:ended’s Friday The 13th party (Victoria BC) part 2 ✌️

{Just so you know I wasn’t kidding about the goth dommy mommy, here’s an almost-audio-only sample.? And a still image. ?}

Now, I would like, if I may, to take you on a rather wild journey…


The promo poster, I should have tried to snag one, maybe I’ll get it printed ?Let’s just rattle through my media…


Sliding scale on the prices for spankings; good luck finding a more reasonably priced session!


We love an inclusive bathroom arrangement!


The emergency pharmacy options


More useful info ?

Here’s a walkthru of the dancefloor/bar area at opening, and past the bathrooms to the maker-vendor’s space:

Here’s a 2 second vibe check:

I have honestly never been to a party and thought “oh my god this is like the vampire club in that Aaliyah movie,” before so, yeah I’m impressed.  This is so much sexier than thinking “oh my god this is just like the dances at my middleschool that the younger gym coach would DJ”!

This is the kind of copyright-infringing content you just can’t toss onto YT anymore.

<<  This is a good point at which to note that if you’re one of the performers or someone else who was there and you want a video you’re in deleted, just fire off a comment below, it will only be visible to me >>

Oh also, if you’re the person in the winklepickers and VW orb pendant? I’m going to bite your look, I’m on the trail.  I have that top and jeans already.

Speaking of outfits, this happened:

Being the moment.  It’s an art, it is art, Picasso-I-like-it. Speaking of art…

Some of the beautiful art on display this time ?

Are you ready for the stage performances to start?  A little erotic suspension, perhaps?

In the immortally problematic words of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Borat, “very nice, I like.”
Some more from muuuuch later in the evening:

Oh my GAWD this fucking BANGZuH ? the fucking Beetlejuice theme? DKM, it lays me out every time.

Now we’re really crowding the floor eh?

This is when things really pop off:

Let’s get to dancin’ ?

Hell yeah, it’s equality.

? hail to the DJ.

Not shown here: nipple-tassle specialist with big gazungas on stage in pigtails.

This happened:


Peaches N Screams subtly takes the stage.

The land acknowledgment/intro:

What a voice.

Performer consent rules:

No touchy!


Ok this next performer Ghost Of Judith? Is intense, but so good; psychiatric abuse trauma cw:

I remember this one time? It was maybe primetime or late night sometime around y2k and I was watching The Wedge, and the show came out of an indie girl’s arty solo vid and Master T was like caught mid-motion, full deer in the headlights, and was just like “Wwwooooowwww…?…that was weirdddd” (If you can find me this episode of Wedge, please feel free to extort me for it.)

The delicate process of retrieving like 4 Canadian bills under $20 from the stage floor.  I hope the performers all get a massive cut of the doors, damn. Hey reader, are you rich?  Sugar these people! Immediately!

Okayyyyy, not to just gush, but:

Eep…?…I love his insta ?‍?️

Holds his own live, in a crowd of real players, talentwise. Very cool scene.  Woop woop.

So, dkm for the floorwork I didn’t catch here, but that’s what being live and tipping distance is for. Check out Poptart:

This gal has IT, she’s got moxie! Viv, voom, pizzaz, WOW-factor! /30s radio broadcaster voice.

Okay, make way for the big celeb, because this performance from Canada’s Drag Race’s very own Ilona Verly?  Impeccable:

That’s not lights, thats pink hair on pink vintage (inspired?) couture, divinely matchy-matchy.

Pheww… ???⚧️

Astounding talent, what can I say.

The drag show closer:


(Theirs, not mine, I kind of drifted here, as camera… I was so interested by the horns in the crowd…)

The rest of the night was a free for all, let me sum up:

Peep that holo mini backpack at the start?


There’s yr report, freaks ? it was a certified SMASH.


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