The Internet [monday Oct 9 – sunday Oct 15, 2023] (week in review)


This was the week, basically.  Wall-to-wall discourse about the Israel-Hammas “war.”  Tumblr has been going bonkers.  But this was THE discussion. Legendary broadcaster hours.


But other historic things also happened.  Channel 5 had to come off hiatus to drop this; if it was going to be anything, dot dot dot, right? (It had to be this.)


Sooooo 20th century.

Let’s do a fun & futuristic video, for a treat:

All we are say~ing, is let’s all farm fish.




In an ordinary week, a PhilosophyTube drop would be the big news.

Anyway, of course the problem is not the robots…

It’s always the capitalism. Ahh, the power of The Beast. (Late posting.)


Vis a vis The Beast: the blame game, innit.

?️h ?️?️y?


Season’s greeties.


Now that’s goth.
(bit of a week for architecture vids…)


I’ve had friends who did this job (Screamers in Toronto; famous for super unhealthy guest/player interactions), they said it was so-so.  Like they were scrappy people but it sounded exhausting.


I wonder if I’ll ever watch any of these.


I find people thinly (thin-saucedly) ripping on modern Simpsons to be so much more exhausting than the lackadaisical writing choices in the actual show.  The irony of complaining about their laziness as creators.

But, on the topic of creators who hit peak and crashed early…

Sadako was cooler.


Chemical intervention!


Bad bad Hamtown Brown, still at it.


Love these guys, looking forward to more members of the genus.  Expansion pack shit.


Getting to the quick of it.


Better late than never? Tf kind of lobby does red dye 5 have?


Well, yeah.


Scamerica the brave.  Fucking with the Aussies.


On the topic of scams, it’s time to drag extreme binarist profiteering.  Ohh the commercialism.


Speaking of the binarism grift, BW is still on the beat.


If people weren’t sure whether Mark is a transphobe this is the one where he goes mask-off.  “Heidi Fleiss is a great gal…btw, total non-sequitur lol, but you’re not trans because you’re a good person, the real ones IME are all evil hustler-scammers” did that one gal u said was gorgeous etc etc dump you Daddy? I’ve been trying to find the specific video where you slobber all over a gorgeous trans girl because she has “it” (big booba).  What an asshole!  This is why everyone takes your money.  “The only Real trans people are scammers” fuck off ever hear of suvivor bias?  Ever think oh, I’m on skidrow, where everyone is hustling?

Not that I think Soft Underbelly is a bad project in theory.  In theory it’s very, very important:

Shame is the mindkiller.


Isn’t the market saturated, anger-wise?  Sure it’s popular but is it worth directly competing with?  If it doesn’t come naturally don’t bother, for you anger means cortisol and premature aging, for us, the rageholics, it means adrenaline (and super great decision-making /sarc).


Mood-180, let’s get tearful.


I wouldn’t cry over this place though.


Parts of this had me cry-laughing, this shit is demented.  Dovetails with the video about feminism failing men, actually.  This is patriarchy failing men via women.


They had Doja crying.  Appreciated the thoughts on camp in rap.  When will she attend the gathering?


Gray’s Papaya/Papaya Dog are have-been-on the bucketlist.


Terrible algorithmically generated seeming videos continue to proliferate.



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