The Internet [monday Oct 2 – sunday Oct 8, 2023] (week in review)

Good news everybody! They got the forever chemicals to go away!

Bad news everybody! If the aliens have skeletons and lay eggs, as per the medical imaging, they’re undeniably from earth and even relatively evolutionarily close to us (they’re some other kind of therapsid descendant I guess?) and if they’re still based on earth somewhere it’s probably the ocean (we know their craft are specialized for water, [cw; racist aliens-built-pyramids moment] which we also know exists almost nowhere) and they probably think we’re real grade A fuckwits. Just like bigfoot does.

Neil’s tie is really cool but he didn’t really say anything.  Nothing ventured nothing gained, man. Speaking of which

Sorry, the phrase “preserved for all time on youtube” really throttles me.   By the way does anyone have that one Elfen Lied AMV I want that’s set to Buried Alive by Otep? The good one not the remake.


One more for good measure.  Helicopter my ass, this thing is a dream.  The Alef stuff looks even better ? the 21st century is HERE, baby.


Welp Iran is still run by some fossilizedsupreme leader” and not this lady, might as well be the 20th century.


Fuck the 20th century, in the 21st century, at least one relic-ass boomer is trying to improve his country for future generations instead of dogshit it into the ground by killing all the most cognitively adaptive people of conviction.

Speaking of Australia:

Twist after twist.  Beautiful roadsides.


Feels like throwing-it-in-the-boil-pit is like microwaving it.


Relatable veggie-loving queen.


Unhinged gremlin behavior. But informative; going to a Wawa is the ultimate Always Sunny fan move so, it’s on the bucketlist.




I should get my organ health tested, feels like my guts are getting delicate. Probably all the alcoholism right?  I didn’t really start drinking until my 30s so the timing feels highly suspicious and suspect.  Bingedrinking is fun until it isn’t ? I don’t want to never be able to drink OR eat fried food.  Seems like, ban it or don’t but it doesn’t matter when you start if you’re going to be sloppy about how risky it is.

Speaking of car crashes, check this out:

Eeeeesh! Okay! Art!


…..okkkkkkkkaayyyyyy………..amerikkka, innit?


Feels like, if there’s 7000 years of precolonial history and about 500 years of colonial history, why is the first 7000 years less than half the video?  I was hoping for something a little more comprehensive in its scope.


The stories we tell ourselves, right?


He’s telling himself the story that geoengineering hasn’t been being done intentionally for decades by the highrollers of the G20 nations to induce ease of passage through the arctic and potentially populating Antarctica.  At this point the proof is in the pudding bud.


Worst pirate, is that like being a salesman for green neoliberalism?  Kidding, this was a worse dude than Hank Green.


More worse dudes!  Russell goddamnit.

This is microscale stuff so let’s talk about the same thing macroscale:





Millennials are actually the masters of patience.


Speaking of patience, when will we see Keith and Joe Pera in the same place at the same time?  This is an opportunity to upvote one of my favorite old documentaries about the bad old days before legalization, when pipes were illegal if they looked too trippy and you couldn’t invest enough in bribery.


Growing pains it is.


I feel like cool boomers and a lot of gen x related to Bart either via direct self-identification or through the lens of nostalgia, because he was either a reflection or heightened, 90s-version of them as kids.


“Stuff that would break the Geneva Convention, probably.”


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