The Meg 2, but shrooming (movie review)

Let me lead with this ⬇️ video by the most ferociously difficult-to-listen-to British person I know of (and still watch; like, I don’t count that annoying neocon guy from Top Gear or Piers Morgan or Carl Benjamin), because it gelled some shit for me, as Of Herbs And Altars occasionally does.  I really applaud their transparency project, on the whole, I just find most of it aligns to a different priority-map than my own.  Anyway this got me self-agreed to write this article finally, almost 2 months later:

I documented what happened with Barbie.  In the time since seeing both movies, in fact just a few days ago, some voice in my head read back the transcript and reminded me that last summer the seller DID try to impress on me that this was VERY MUCH A DIFFERENT BATCH.

So after the Barbie fiasco, with the monster bodyhigh like I’ve never had from shrooms before*, I decided to scale back the dose.

*In 2010 I took 6 grams at once–with citrus–in less difficult circumstances, true, but it was way easier to manage physically; I’ve done shrooms around a couple dozen times total, if I count eating fresh ones–my ex was growing them for a while.  Let me try to count the times I’ve done more than a gram of dried shrooms at once…minimum of eight times there.  I was totally due.  Some people devote themselves to getting really good at doing shrooms, more power to them.  From that POV I’m a noob and a lightweight.

Anyway, my dose:

The single tiny shroom I ate, with dab cart for scale.

I got a funny feeling before finishing and decided to leave some:

So thats the stem bit I left, with an upside-down bottlecap for scale.  In retrospect it was smart to leave some.


The same thing happened again in the theatre.  I spent the whole time trying to tunnel facefirst through my girlfriend’s armpit to the other side of the movie.  Fortunately this movie wasn’t as demanding of my attention or emotions, I mostly managed to ignore it.

I do, however, have a vivid recollection of Jason Statham squaring off against a big shark like, full Captain Ahab style, and spearing it in the mouth or something.

It reminded me of a story I heard from some tulpas, about a timeline where I ended up getting eaten by a shark because my (bald) archnemesis carefully organized a shark attack on me and the person I had married in that timeline.  I felt like, this movie was a manifestation of that whole possibility being put to rest ? I often feel like people’s ghosts are doing Bill & Ted stuff like possessing actors briefly so they’re visible in performances from during or before our own lives. /psychosis

After the movie the group I was with all went to Beacon Hill (because it was on the way home for a couple people), which is a wack place for a sesh because of all the goose shit.  I don’t want to get into how much goose shit I rolled in because I was slightly too shroomy to notice anything other than how luscious the lawn was.

Anyway, like, never underestimate the shroom.

Like even if you’ve done shrooms in general before, even if you’ve taken more of this particular batch before and you think you’ve got the right amount for the occasion measured out this time.  Hubris is the high-enfuckener.

That’s the moral here.  That’s the big everybunny take-away.

The movie seemed fun? But also there was this reoccurring emphasis on what felt like an “order of being” theme, which I’m not really a fan of.  I’d have to rewatch it sober.  The other three people I was with had fun.  Everyone thinks Jason Statham is hot.

Went to the movie August 7th, probably it’s not in theatres anymore but I actually can’t imagine it translating well to the small screen.  This thing was shot to be seen 40 feet tall.  And possibly on shrooms, but like, normal ones.

I went in a shark-inspired look for this btw, every movie should be an event movie.







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