The Internet [monday Sept 18 – sunday Sept 24, 2023] (week in review)

Why is this so cogent? Oh, of course, it’s D’Angelo Wallace. “I’m infantalizing everybody […] if you’re a day younger than me, you’re a baby.”

Get into the selkie of it all. (I haven’t got one, yet.  I feel like my gf would like it as a picnic look, right? Girls love teaparties.  It’s giving teaparty.)


Teaparty puree.


“More than you know, my friend.” Amen.


Better than fundies but like, can’t relate.  My life has too many features of magical realism, and in the end, I believe that every electron is the same one and it somehow stores and processes a kind of data residue and therefore has a memory/awareness and it frequently demonstrates a will.  (I think ghosts/souls are real but much less influential and generally less individuated than the bodied.)  Like, I do good works, I pray, my prayers are answered ?


I think we don’t talk enough about how, when people are simping as hard as BW or Jeffjeff, it’s usually in service to some deranged sexual fantasy they have about conservatives.  Regardless, one thing we also tend to miss in these conversations is how people like the aforementioned, or Candace Owens, are sometimes the first person of their demongraphic to be saying something a conservative wants to hear, and that tiny moment of enjoyment of them, of commonality with them, might actually be the first necessary step to deprogramming the conservatives’ underlying xenophobia–ie their big-amygdala fears about social change marking societal unrest or disorder and consequently, personal risk of injury.   Of course, that spectre of shoehorning your humanity into their brains is the very idea they themselves rely on to try to backdoor in their stochastic terrorism etc etc to mainstream spaces.  It’s a real seesaw of give-and-take, this “trojan horse” thing.


Speaking of the tragedy of Candace Owens and moreover “respectability” as a political topic…and dogwhistle…this is a great essay.  Fascinated by “the arrogant eye.” Racists are just so uncultured to not see sophistication in eg, a bantu knot.


Hm, related. How do we react to the arrogant eye?


Hmm, related.  How does she react to Mark?


Journey to the centre of bizarro world.  Femme-coached, meet masc-coached.


Is this butch enough for the normie men in the Hot Ones audience to unironically reevaluate NSync? I feel like their agent hopes so, that’s a mondied demographic.  I have much to say about the way the music industry(/their management) viewed/treated them the same way the fans were viewed/treated by the industry and the world…like, it’s too much.  I was never into NSync at the time because I just didn’t feel demographically spoken to, they didn’t inflame my passions, you know? I dunno, remember that Kyprios lyric “14?!? And a GURLLLLL?!?! You’re the NUMBER 1 TARGET in the WERLDDDDDD”?  Because I think about it sometimes.


Ask Doflamingo can I have his hand-me-downs.


What it feels like to watch my fellow millennials grapple productively with gendered issues online.


What it feels like to enter a narcoleptic coma.


This is such a weird treatment of an online retread of MTV’s Cribs…fun, though.


Farewell to summer for another year.


? this is soooo Martha Stewart, I love the smoothjazz in the background–I’m obsessed.


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