Langley Buffet (spoiler: it’s incredible)

Holy shit I was just complaining about how Mandarin doesnt charge $13 for lunch anymore and then I move walking distance of this place.  How fucking incredible is that?  Maybe it tells you something about the relative cultures of outlying Vancouver VS outlying Toronto; the wild west rises again, or something.  (We’re on the frontier, is what these prices are saying.)  Honestly I would recommend running to this place if not flying, before it gets hit with the ~inflation virus too.

Let’s talk atmosphere.  I was there at opening, tables filled slowly over the 45 minutes or so that I was there (I was hung over and couldn’t eat much, my gf didn’t like the chicken nuggets well enough to get 2nds) so that by departure time there were three times as many diners as at open.

Here’s the place when it’s empty at opening.


The hot tray station. Heavenly aura.

So the vibes are pretty good. Slightly perfunctory but also spa-like.  Here’s a panning video I took after eating:

With that said, here’s the rules:

Got it? $10 if you don’t finish the plate.  I love a challenge.

So, let’s get into the food! Here, check out how everything looks on the line:

Dubious sushi, we’ll come back to this.


I was over the moon when I saw the squash tempura.


Not a very descriptive shot but whatever, it’s kind of pretty.


I’ll try this next time!


The two soups, the chicken noodle looks like liptons.


Condiment station, crucial.

Briefly, this is the type of ice they have, which I find very appealing because I think it’s more efficient in cooling the drink.

Let me show you my plate closer and give a blow-by-blow:

Sushi: Not Good.  It’s not putrid, like you can technically eat it, but it’s really squeaking by on that technicality.  Not recommended.

Meatball: Pretty good.  I didn’t hate it, but it’s not amazing.  Kind of luncheon-meaty.

Bulgogi: gamey but very edible.  Virtually good.

Tempura: INCREDIBLE. I could eat a pile of it, ordinarily.  Wish I hadn’t been off my appetite.

Sweet and sour mushroom: really good, would select again.

Chicken nugget: gave it to my gf, she said they weren’t worth coming back for.

Veggie dumpling: well prepared but not my taste; loaded with thick glass noodles, very springroll-y, not what I wanted/expected.

Yam mash: sweet, kind of Morrocan tasting, not what I wanted.

However, all that said…

Let me present, the star of the show:

The spicy seafood soup is to die for.  If you like a really musty, bonito-y broth like the kind that comes with some instant noodles (the best ones), you’ll agree with me about this soup.  I’ve been thinking about it non-stop since eating here.  I can’t get this damn soup off my mind.  I have to go back.

Like, review over, if I’m not selling you on this place, you just dont know value when it knocks on your door.

I will just say, however, that this particular part of Langley–on a gorgeous fall day–is far, far cuter than expected. Great atmosphere for a tiny downtown core.  I was charmed.

It sure is. This is one street south of the buffet.


The boardwalk of McBurney Plaza, approaching the street Langley Buffet is on.

This area is wall-to-wall with great shops (metalhead store, witch stuff store, headshop, thrift store, game store, oldschool record/music store right next to the buffet, etc etc) so I’m sure I’ll be doing more reviews centered here.


I got the sense the don’t have beer but I’ll figure that out next time ✌️


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