The Internet [monday Sept 11 – sunday Sept 17, 2023] (week in review)

This is the content for which I come to breadtube; seeringly bitchy megamixes of neocon sartorial attempts.

Wow you know, it’s almost like any counter-hegemonic political underpinning is derided as “failed art” by the hegemons ?

Did you hear that Steven Price?  I was a GOOD poet, you’re just stupid.  And also, kind of a meanie, if I’m being honest.

(Carla Funk is also a meanie, she’s meaner, but she gave me a better grade so she’s less stupid.)


Oh shit this is so cool.  Tangentially, say no to blood sacrificing other’s blood, neopagan gang, c’mon now. WWJD right?  Use your own. Transubstantiate something.  Popular ideas for good reason, my friends!

“Essentially light and dark magic” why reframe it in this obsessively linguistically-antiblack Euroamerican perspective when it’s already so much better to think of it as simply honourable vs shameful? Honestly.  “Legibility” to your assumed viewership? Try sticking with what challenges (or patches) their paradigm’s mistakes.

Relatedly here’s some notes on the term “Judeo-Christian.”

The closer is weird. Why place magic in “humanity’s past” when it’s a universal constant; we ain’t goin’ secular, I don’t believe we’re built for nonbelief, most of us:

This says a lot of useful stuff.  Good historicity.


Related to the ACAB commentary in this video, have the next video, altho, it’s about bodycam footage that got leaked:

As horrific a demon as this cop is, D’Angelo Wallace is as an angel.  What an amazingly evenhanded treatment.

Following from what Lucas just memo’d Sarah McLaughlin in this vid, let’s get positive.  Look, koalas are being saved:

Keep on rockin’ Jordz. Y’Aussie smugboi.

I love weddings. Legal marriage freaks me tf out but I love like, exotic-to-me or “unconventional” weddings.

In love with the part where she checks to see how well done an algorithmically created video about the subject would be. New sub.

Lowkey mountie idolatry aside (as though having fought for the Brits in the fucking Boer war is cool ?‍?) this is fascinating.  I’ve only had pemmican once, in 4th grade. And I feel like they gave us preserved salmon smashed up because it’s BC or whatever and that’s more accessible and locally relevant/accurate. So I was like, oh it’s delicious but it tastes exactly like something that’s in every grocery anyway.


I wonder if Arby’s will ever make something that actually compels me to go to Arby’s. A mainstream burger joint is NEVER going to have a legitimately gamey item, 90% of the American public can’t handle RARE let alone something their palates tell them is slightly spoiled.  (I dunno maybe it’s just my family that uses gamey as a synonym for “has an iridescent sheen to it.” Anyway I think meat is better that way, often.  David Attenborough told me tigers do it too.)


Been following the media appearances of Legion for like 20 years now, absolute LEGEND.








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