The Internet [monday Sept 4 – sunday Sept 10, 2023] (week in review)

Whoa holy shit, Primink is back.  Big deal for anyone outside whatever NDA-covered loop of drama he was in, people wondered if he was dead.


Speaking of inscrutable channel lore, where did strawberry sprite even come from? Is this self-produced?  These videos just started showing up out of nowhere but they have such a familiar tone (parasocial intimacy as eyeball strategy) and such painstaking editing for the release schedule.  If this is the work of one shy oddball I worry about burnout but I hunger for more.  More of this, more strawberry sprite lore…more, more.

This is still happening.  There was actually a lot of interesting and at times emotionally taxing stuff being said dans le grapevine.

Isn’t Burning Man about fun?

Isn’t it all about fun?

Are these ladies having any fun?  (Trixie still emphatically hangs her hat on “having a dick means I’m a man” like, it is what it is. Oldbrain.)


Is this guy having any fun? Realistic reviews for people who just don’t get the hype.


Opposite world!  Effervescent reviews for people who live the hype.  (Legit, I went to the San Diego Zoo in 2017 for the first time since 1993 and it was sad, this place looks cooler.)


Ok, hype. (Respectfully.)


“It’s…fun, for the whole family…it’s a masterpiece.”


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