#live restaurant review: J Kitchen Japanese & Korean Restaurant in Sidney BC

Tuesday, 11:27am

In repose.  Catching up on the Drag Race.  Speeding.

Finally catching this place during hours (my usual lunch friend has Monday off but it was just Labour Day–workers of the world unite–so there’s rollover).

It’s going to be so difficult to beat out Taste of Tokyo for my money, because Taste of Tokyo is (currently) the only sushi place I can find on the island or in the GVA that still has ikura.  My expectations are low.



Oh ok it’s closed


The first thing that comes to mind is going to Taste of Tokyo.

Wait I’m eating with someone who prefers pubfood.  Going to Surly Mermaid.  Getting the peanutbutter burger again.



Guess I’m adding these piccies to my surly mermaid review.






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