Sushi Mori ?? in Langley BC

This place is a wonderland.  Nothing about the unassuming exterior, let alone the random semi-urban stripmall location, prepared me for how perfectly enchanting Mori is inside… (Makes sense, pretty sure that means forest.)

Stunning. I could go on, and I will.

There are no bad seats, this place is dynamite.  Couldn’t be better.  Everywhere should be like this, approximately; an interior woods of some sort.  Lots of natural materials. Harmonious and detailed execution, firm concept.  This is heavenly, heavenly.  It is SO tasteful and magical.  It makes a place like Chef Sushi seem positively sterile, underwhelming, even depressing; ymmv, a lot of people like that “express” vibe and don’t want a storybook setting for a simple chowdown.

For my money, this is a really special date spot, couldn’t recommend it more highly ????

Let me just finish the review though.

Importantly, the miso soup is $1.50 just like anywhere else in the GVA.  So cheers to that. Otherwise, prices are maybe a touch higher but so what, SO WHAT.  It’s  a couple bucks here or there. You’ll figure something out. The menu is a behemoth, let’s just say that:

Plus, this is a free edamame type of a place, like, posh is pay-to-play, you know?

There’s yakitori on the menu so of course I had to treat myself to a couple skewers.  Irresistible.  My gf went for the deepfried brie (I’ve seen cheese items at Japanese restaurants before but never brie, these pieces were massive and had so much more cheesiness-factor than anything I’ve tried elsewhere). 

The half-portions of each of these items is worth the cost of admission.

My gf got the beef teriyaki for a main as per uʒ but she says it was a better portion for a couple more bucks.  She doesn’t care about the lack of sizzle-plate presentation, she likes the giant witchqueen bowl.

Super cool, need to know where to get one.  Hewn from the living rock by giants of yore?

She was so into it she even randomly ordered herself a roll, but it wasn’t the right roll for a newb with food issues and I should have caught that in advance.  However I got to eat the roll so it was kind of a win-win scenario from my pov.  I might have been too subconsciously short-sighted if I was leaning into the getting of the cast-offs. (She got the mango tango, I got the Barbie doll because it’s still the summer of Barbie goddamn it).

My roll was insanely good but I couldn’t get her to try it.  (I think the right choice for her first roll is a beef teriyaki, honestly.  Opportunities missed!)

Really great.  Love the price, the incredibly well balanced flavors.  Much less challenging for a honky than the mango tango, which was much sweeter, wetter/milkier and fishier.  I was excited to take moat of both home in a box, where they aged stupendously out of the fridge for a few hours (I do this).

Let’s check out the bathroom before I show you the bill (admittedly, the beer could have been bigger for $7 but like mainly the prices here are hovering around pre-covid for this kind of experience).

Once again, the mens is a single locking room and the ladies has stalls.  So like, if I were you, I’d use the mens.

Mens room at sushi mori full view of bathroom from doorway


Yeah I dunno why.  Something about women “taking longer” and having to share with the other women.  Like if the mens is full natch use the ladies but I don’t know why it should be a first stop.

Ok it’s time for the bill: I was so excited she wanted sushi that I was willing to pay $8 for deep fried cheese cubes, it’s love.  (I love sushi.  My gf is cute too.)

It’s itemized funny, I got the whole thing ?

Anyway, that’s all she wrote.  May this place outlast us all.




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