The South Shore of V.I. has a nude beach?? ??

Like jsyk there is a tiny (warm) lake called Prior in View Royal, and it has a dock and lots of parking, and a handful of very serious full-body tanners/laps swimmers hang out there vibing all the time.

If there’s no dock space you’ll want to have brought a camp chair for the small dusty/rocky shoreline area.

I brought a rotisserie chicken to eat doused in cholula even though I should be vegetarian, so I fed the fish to make myself feel better.   Chum the water in rounds, leaving time in between. They’ll come in.  Feels like good luck.

Not that it would stop me again but the vibe is very not drinks-and-picnics.  It’s cafe philosophy stule quiet chats and meditative silence.  No one there is under 40 or packing sunscreen.

There ARE harmless little snakes in the water ? very lovely in fact.


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