The Internet [monday July 24 – sunday July 30, 2023] (week in review)

Seabus memes’ weekly roflfest on insta

New meme absolutely sweeping tumblr this [<flashing tw] week

The gals have acknowledged the when of it all (“it all” being July).  Sultry days, gays, happy pride season all. This is the new Golden Girls, you know?


So many fun moments (“no one is saying you’re not allowed to be a woman” shot fired at Anna Kasparian!)(“that’s ‘calm’ in German”)(“it’s not the whole world, right?”) in spite of how earnestly weighty the discussion is.  ? Actual Julia Serano interview segments!!!  Yes, this IS a big deal.

(Irony warning)

Did you think this was how these were put together? (Around here, Amadeus is very popular, you see, and fleeting thought’s been paid to the particularities of this confection.)


Let the professor tell you about a real bad bitch.


Let Tara explain away these tall tail tales.


When he mentioned using his context clues? Damn, what a graceful fella.  Remember to wear crocs with confidence knowing they have the Post Malone seal of approval.


Fascinating! Have a blessed Lammas everyone ☀️??


Can we specifically talk about how cute those pastel platform chunky-heel strappy sandals were in Kris’s interview with Padilla? Because they WERE all that.


Heavier fare…


Nuff said!


The Ethel Cain groundswell continues! Go on and thrive Mama, eat!


I mean, same.


So this was fun.  Always a blast when there’s a new u.s. gov UFO whistleblower. Remember the Roswell meme raid? Great time in the culture. Maybe the aliens can teach us things they obviously know, like, how to get off the planet permanently and have backup locations in case of unavoidable planetary annihilation.  Loves us some progress.


Amazing con theme ? just hearing about this now and currently dying to go next summer ngl


Horror theme continues…this is kind of arty for adult swim to pick up, kudos to them ?


If you haven’t had cable since 2005 you too have missed a lot of prime TLC content, come along with Billiam for 45 minutes of concentrated reality TV.


A wholesome home movie type moment from Miss Laganja, highly mellowizing.


Strangely satisfying ?



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