Full bar ? with half price wings ?? in southshore grocery store??

Hold the phone, south-island. Do you mean to tell me there’s a place to get a pound of wings for under $8 Wednesday nights, and it’s a really chill European style order-and-sit-down style pub in a Quality Foods in Colwood?! Get outta town! No really, you’ll have to.

This place is crazy okay? Some friends live out in Colwood and it was halfprice wing Wednesday down at the grocery store sports bar–wait what, you might ask.  Yes, the grocery store sports bar.  It’s super light-filled and sleek, like some halcyon airport McDonald’s.

I had pre-gamed it because I’m almost in the red for the month already and it hasn’t even begun.  But people were definitely there to slam giant mugs of beer together with eachother.

1.99 fountain pop is virtually unheard of at a restaurant these days.  The $8 24oz “megapint” was obviously what people were after.

I tablescored some food leftovers a very beer-deep patron left in a box, on the way back from placing my ridiculouse 2lb order. With water it came in under $16 before tip.  Tip in rhats two pounds of season, cripsy-fried meat for a twenty.

Speaking of the chicken, it’s good. I like a really dry fry. These held up well to all the sauces. A franksesque sauce is freely available from an accessible sideboard, and everything was delivered with a ranch dip that was remarkably inoffensive.

It’s really boss-ass chicken actually.  Could be greasier, could be gamier.  Most people wouldn’t appreciate that, so, it’s pretty damn good.  The hotsauce will actually undo you, I was eating these wings compulsively for the next 18 hours.


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