Gus Tacos ? in Toronto ON

Just stopped in here because it was the closest taco place to where I was meeting my friend who’s living in Parkdale…Beautiful mid-summer day, can’t go wrong with tacos, eh?  Who could ask for more.

I love the Spartan aesthetic, it really gives anachronistic fixture, like very 20th century, very central american highway roadside.

The tacos are $5/per, which is common around the city, and welcome.  My friend and I each got three.

They got veggie options (above) and I got an assortment of the more exotic sounding meats, because I’m truly compulsive about meat when I’m not trying to ground myself.  It’s all about picking the knack for ordering away from it, back up.  You have to remember that meat doesn’t actually satiate in the way veggie does.

Sinfully delicious.

Anyway the other major draw here imho is that there is horchata on tap:

Ok, so I had to have it:

Wellll, I’m sure this is exactly like someone’s family recipe but it’s not like any horchata I’ve ever had.  Not what I was hoping for; this horchata is very thin and very sweet.  I had some in Bocas del Toro that was way different and every time I’ve hadnit since then it’s been closer to that than this.  This is the 7-11ified version for sure.

So that was it’s own experience.  The tacos were great, no complaints there.

Another thing I got a kick out of was this sign:

I know they’re saying “don’t leave plates out here” but it reads like, I dont know what, some kind of weird zombie scenario?  Just an absurd statement of fact? Like yeah, I’m sure there are– this is a restaurant?

The saga continued inside:

“No dirty dishes here please.”  So people read the outside sign and dutifully clamber back in with the plates and then lay them directly at the feet of the most visible employee, the person handing out orders. Like a cat presenting a dead bird… ¡Ay, caramba!

Theoretically there are better $5 tacos in the GTA but I doubt there are any better AND within spitting distance of this place.  Debate me in the comments if you dare.


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