The Internet [monday June 26 – sunday July 2, 2023] (week in review)


As new as, its Jamie the prolific home chef again

What an event, epochal

When’s the major motion picture tho?

Call it propaganda if you want but be obsessed with these bucolic Chinese cottagecore channels

This flick says October/November doesn’t it? But sure, we’re spooky in July here, too. Some interesting clips from unused endings etc.

For the homies in BC right now


There’s so many tattoo drama channels, but lately this one is a fave

Still obsessed with the bistro huddy universe

Use this as a way to understand the menu options of places you’ve heard of a millions times but never eaten at, like this place, or Olive Garden.  You’ll never have fomo again watching these episodes if your vicarity score is sufficient ? …doing Her work, Keith Tryguy.

Predictions for July. Don’t like astrology? Yes you do.


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