Juicy Dumpling ? on Dundas West in T.O.

This place is so fucked up.  Get addicted now, so you can mourn the price going up and then the business somehow failing in 10.

“Toronto Must Try” is right, hell yahh.

The first time I got them on this trip, I just devoured them.  This is all coverage from a return visit when I was more sober and confident in the flow of the place.

It is NOT a vibe of being resentful that business is brisk, sometimes overwhelming.  There’s an absolute minimum of undue expectation put on staff by the format of service here (think original McDonald’s take-out stand).

This was about a quarter as slammed and teeming with people as the place was the first time I went in.  This whole vibe reminds me of Duffin’s in Vancouver.

So, the dumps look a bit small in their own pictures, what are you getting for $3.99 in this, the 3rd year PC (post covid)?  I had to know!

Only four made it to print.

I got twelve, and went into a trance during which I ate eight of them.  Much like how the initial six disappeared before any documentation could occur.

They have a variety of things other than the amazing lil’ soupies:

I didn’t get into all that.  I did get a couple of the steamed veggie buns, the first time I went, which were a nostalgic* and delicious treat, but weren’t as good of a deal as the soup dumps. A shame!

Again, no photos exist but I got one of each (vegetable bun w/ chinese spinach @ $2.65 and vegetable bun w/ shiitake mushroom @ $2.65).  *I used to pick up frozen batches of buns almost identical to the spinach buns at a now-defunct grocery store at Finch and Weston, and those cost $3 for 16.  Just saying.  They were also better ?

Tasteful couture takeout containers.  Great texture, can’t fault the font.  Great branding y’all ?  Needs branded shirts!






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