The Internet [monday June 12 – sunday June 18, 2023] (week in review)

In general news, reddit has started charging its own volunteer workforce to work for it, and everyone is memeing about this.  It’s not the most thrilling moment in net culture, really.  It’s kind of grim.

The (e)vent of the month for some people, including me, was:


As a big fan of Christine’s work, I appreciate Geno as a reporter–he manages to stay more neutral and tasteful than a lot of the christorians et al.  Huge deal whenever there’s a new on of these live.

This channel updates all the time right now and it’s a delight every time, super recommending the exploits of this Vietnamese expat and her German boyfriend.

I mean, yeah.  This recent arc? It’s like he’s a mirror.

Speaking of Dax…

A compliment contest.  This is charming. (How’s that?)

Whang’s always an event.  This guy goes the distance to get the internet history goods.  Here’s this week’s offering.

Love these guys for the shorts, really into this drink in concept.  Might try it while I’m in Toronto for the 1st.  The rocket pop is a classic of iconographic foods.  It really fucking says SUMMER.  My body is ready.

Went up a day ago, not his only video this week.  Total maniac.  Love this show.

Never change.

Speaking of which, the pope of fast food has been tearing it up lately with the upload schedule, feels like 5 years ago or something.  Good to see.  Always a pleasure regardless.

I’m obsessed with this channel, it makes me want to get my serving it right cert.






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