Pheonix Bar and Grill (restaurant #live review)

6:28pm – Ensconsed and eating at Phoenix for the first time.  I got ahead of myself somehow, bitten by that summer bug or whatever, and ordered a pitcher of tigershark even though my gf probably wont even drink a full sleeve.  They’ve just been playing Billy Joel, now it’s Dreadlock Holiday, I think you’re getting the vibe.  This is my first time here.  I’m already a fan of the extremely dated carpets.  The girls working bar all have indiesleeze hair.

Was the quantity of fries I recieved for $10 sufficient to my hunger, factoring in the pitcher? Well, no.  But they are delicious.  My gf’s chicken strips are fully great.  (She’s one of those chicken strips people, I always try a nibble wherever we go out of morbid curiosity, and sometimes they’re a real slap in the face.  These are good.)

6:42pm – asked for more aeoli, no problem. Lovely gal, half a pitcher gone.  Getting reports on friends’ roommate drama in Vancouver via my gf’s insta…looking like I might end up on the mainland sooner than anticipated.  Tragically Hip just came on rotation, New Orleans Is Sinking.  Reminds me of walking around Dallas Riad earlier thinking the houses were places Anne Rice would have written about if she’d set a story in Victoria.  RIP Anne Rice–kinda racist but only by accident, not cool about the lolita shit in mayfair witches but anyway, “different times.”  Half a pitcher in still, as noted.  This is where the “gonzo” comes in.  We’re still the only people here but, like, they’re open. They were open ?

6:47pm – Sunshine Superman by Donovan is playing, fuck yeah ?

6:51pm – The Joker by Steve Miller Band is playing lmao. My sister’s hs yearbook quote from 1993 is like “this goes out to all the smokers, jokers, and midnight tokers” or whatever, I read it in the library when I went to highschool at the same place 10 years later. Super funny.  (I didn’t submit a quote on time and the yearbook committee used an Einstein quote as a placeholder, the same one they used for the orher Alex who graded that year.  Many of my generation leave no headstone but leave a yearbook quote, and I didn’t even bother.  There’s some weird poetry submissions though, that year or the on before.  Fuck this got too petsonal, abort! Abort!

6:56pm – Black Water by The Doobie Brothers is playing.  My gf is better at dragging out a meal than I am.

The show is in an hour. It’s $10.  I’ll include final notes about how the whole cover charge thing worked, like did we have to go back downstairs and outside and line up.  Oh FUCK, Jimmy Buffett just started playing ?






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