Pheonix Bar show: Moonbather, Electric Druids, Wolf Venom (#live #local band & venue review)

7:07pm – sitting at Phoenix Bar and Grill, one other metalhead type looking patron is here.  Love Is Like Oxygen by Sweet just started playing over the sound system.  I’m half a pitcher in already.  We’re locked and loaded. Fully gonzo.  Stand by.

7:33pm – Just stole a color show flyer off the wall while no one was looking.  I’m trying to get better at nabbing the color show flyers for home decor.  I’m trophy hunting.

7:42pm – Around 7:30 I went to the balcony via the door down the hallway I’m immediately next to, and did a dab.  I held the door for some band guys.  I have no clue who they were.  Guys in one of the bands playing.  These dudes are oldt, my folx.

7:53pm – Oh my goddess, fr fr, this is the most convenient door fee process I’ve ever been through. Honestly fuck Sticky Wicket. A petson came around with a lock box, to the tables, and got our cover and gave us an unbranded generic wristband. Love this, love this.

8:03pm – We’re drumming. It may be time. Getting to be time. Some wahwahs.

8:05pm – The first band has started with no preamble. They rock. A heavenly scent suddenly fills the air, like…one of those tree air fresheners but cotton candy. All I can guess is someone smoked something somewhere and burned a corner off an airfreshener to cover it up, classic trucker trick.

8:25pm – uhhhh, I guess the first band is done. The pitcher is nearly done.  I don’t know who played first. I found them mids, gf didn’t like.  Sham 69 is playing over the system. I picked up a copy of Absolute Underground just now.

8:53pm – Wolf Venom is up next, I’ve just confirmed this with a member outside.

8:56pm – Heart of Gold is playing over the speakers, goddess bless.

9:12pm – Wolf Venom just did a couple numbers. Also mids. People aren’t getting worked up but the banter is pretty good. The third song starts. They sound like Metallica? It’s pretty good now, actually.

9:26pm – Okay we’re in metal revue territory, people are heading to the patio en masse, its delving into Iron Maiden, which is fine, great vocal, honestly.

9:29pm – Now they almost sound like, the Dayglos or something?

9:45pm – Seems like 50/50 as to whether its the same band, they’re really over the dark side of the horizon if its the same guys, wild repertoire. Something about “mother’s milk”, this song? There’s some teenagers here going nuts.

10:07pm – Definitely between bands now.  There’s this one mustachioed metalhead in black with a black leather jacket here who looks like an old roommate of mine.  There’s another metalhead here who is exceptionally cool, fitted cap/casual battlevest/eargauges. Good look.  I’m obsessed with the Crimson Witch onsie.

10:17pm – Crimson Witch onesie is the singer in the next band.  Whale songs as backup vocal?

10:28pm – Song for Johnny, off the EP coming out next week.  Whale songs continue. A little Judas Priest in here…very cool ? ?

10:34pm – “This next song is called Squidhead…we love you.”

10:40pm – its Moonbather. They give big ups to the previous bands. “We’re about to play a song off our EP” “give it to us” “I’m about to give it to you as hard as you want, I guess.” Now there’s a shirt giveaway followed by hard rock.

10:47pm – This set involves a tambourine yall. Let that mellow.


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