Big Fernwood show: AK47, Neurospasm, Gnar Gnars, with Ripcordz (May 13/23)

So I caught this in local events on FB a few weeks before the showdate and talked myself in and out of going a bunch of times. Mostly I didn’t feel like busing or paying for two shows in a row but ended up getting a ride to the Kill Rats show the previous night and, more crucially, seeing some guy in the middle of suburban nowhere wearing Gnar Gnars merch a few days before.

Let me just dump my show footage.  They were all ~good…..(review over, lol).

At this point they played a cover of Lola but YT blocked it so that’s what I’ve got of this set.  They seem like, brocore but through a sort of fun, Scooby Doo-esque bonghaze lens that removed a lot of the moodiness and messiness of brocore.  No doubt they have a lot of friends and are very fun at parties.  They probably have some wack opinions, like they gave older vibes than I expected, but honestly I was expecting younger and much more wack so I’ll take it.  Maybe they’re fully chillers and totally woke, stranger things have happened.

I was most excited to see AK47, for no real reason, but the show didn’t make me feel like owning a vinyl ? they ended on a Cheap Trick cover that got people moving, though. YT copyright bot killed it instantly.

They were good ?

Everyone was amped about the mtl out-of-towners headlining.  I didn’t know them but it seemed like a few punk dads had decided they should be kiddo’s first show.  I stuck around because I was talking to someone.

I missed videoing their later banter about the mtl student strike (I’m practically the only lefty I know who didn’t do a tour there at some point), and about fattal, which I’ve heard much more about than I have Ripcordz, because someone I know used to live there.  But it made me think, ok, these guys aren’t apolitical like a lot of B.C. punk bands ostensibly are, they’re Involved.  Turns out the out of town headliners were the band I walked away respecting the most.  Wild!

Here’s the rest of the vids of their set:


Right on, fun time.



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